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Skye Ray
Karen Dezelle
Karina Lissa-Du Bois

Chris Assaad
Eric Binkley

Mr. Olever
La Marche
We The Folk

We The Folk: We the Folk is a Los Angeles-based quintet made up of violin, guitar, accordion, bass, and percussion that integrates world folk music with indie pop and rock. Like all great things, We the Folk was created over a can of PBR in a Culver City bar. That night, history was made. We the Folk began the musical journey with pop-up performances around UCLA, gaining many loyal fans who appreciated their impromptu approach to their artistry. Soon after UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance gained notice and asked them to open for the likes of David Grisman and David Lindley, and again for an experimental theater show Cheek by Jowl. We the Folk recently played the Hilton Hotel for 91x Radio’s New Year celebration in San Diego. Most recently, the band started a Youtube channel featuring the progress of some of their work on arranged covers and original songs at
Karen Dezelle: Based in Los Angeles, California, singer-songwriter Karen Dezelle combines exposing narratives with soft, soothing vocals, creating a rare quality of vulnerability with wide appeal.   Born in Texas, Karen developed an early love for music that became her constant in a world of change. During her teenage years, her family began relocating frequently, moving 9 times in 7 years. As they made their way from Texas and Oklahoma to the Caribbean island of Trinidad, and eventually to London, Karen's style began to evolve as she was exposed to new genres and influences.. "We never stayed in one place for long, so music became a way for me to document and share my stories and establish a deeper connection with people. Writing a song gives you permission to say something more meaningful. It can be very liberating to sing about your most profound experiences in a room full of strangers." Inspired by artists such as Jewel and Joni Mitchell, Karen's brave, emotionally-complex lyrics are offset by a minimalist song structure and sweet, innocent vocals with a hint of Southern twang, creating a unique and moving sound, both calming and haunting.   A little less then a year after releasing her debut EP Lost and Found, Dezelle returns with a new record “Bloom, Unfold, Wither,” scheduled to be released in July. “This EP is about choosing hope over doubt, love over fear, “ Dezelle explains, “it’s about enjoying each experience – whether joyful or painful, finding peace in imperfection and beauty in brokenness.”
Mr. Olever: Mr. Olever is a unique blend of musical history. The duo of Chris Clifford and Roland Vega originated in 2009 where the two met at an open mic in North Hollywood. Chris Clifford uses his Rock & Roll background to create a smooth, steady harmonic base that lets Roland Vega's melodic repertoire express itself fluidly. Together, Mr. Olever was born to create a paradigm that is defined by the inherent diversity within their musical genre. Bassist Dave Leggett, drummer Dave Boesch and vocalist Camille Bratkowski round out a sensational audio adventure, never leaving it's musical roots while never looking back at the status quo.
Eric Binkley: I'm a singer songwriter. I was born and raised in San Pedro California and it is where I currently reside. I perform all around Los Angeles from street corners to concert halls. I just put out my third record. It's called 'I ONLY GET THIS WAY WITH YOU'. It was produced by Dan Garcia for Radio Hill Records. All the songs are just singing and guitar. Sonically it is a very simple record but it deals with complex themes and emotions. Music is great for expressing things that defy conceptual thought. Sometimes people ask me what certain songs are about and I have to tell them I'm not entirely sure. There may be conflicting or particularly deep feelings involved. Ideas have limitations - everything has to make sense, be logical. Emotion and instinct run deeper and follow rules we can't understand. Learning to trust them and navigate these waters is the life's blood of songwriting. It's funny to me when I get these questions because the song itself gives a far more accurate explanation than I ever could. That's why I wrote it. That's why I sing it.
Karina Lissi-Du Bois: Los Angeles, July, 2013 – In just one year, Karina has soared from the bottom of Reverbnation’s charts to #25! She came to L.A. two years ago for acting and rediscovered her love of music. With three songs on her newly released EP and three new music videos, she has the world of singer/songwriters buzzing. Check her out at, become her fan and subscribe to her e-mail list for updates. Trained as a classical singer from 4-18 years old in the Alaska Children’s Choir, it has been a learning experience making the transition into the cool, rockin voice she has now. She is currently training with Clare Diane, a top rocker, who is completely in tune with where Karina wants to go with her music. While the transition from classical to rock can be challenging, her classical training provides a solid musical foundation to create freely and assimilate new styles into her songwriting. Karina is now writing and recording her full-length album. She says her songs will definitely be rock, but will still have a little bit of that cool classic feel that makes her music and style stand out. She would like to open for the “All-American Rejects” - she can give her songs that kind of punch yet pull back for dramatic effect.