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Better Looking People With Superior Ideas 08:30 PM

Punch.  09:00 PM

Ultralove 09:30 PM


Rachel Ann Weiss: Born and raised in NYC, Rachel Ann Weiss has been writing and singing as long as she can remember. After the release of her first solo album, "Dear Love", she's been traveling the world, playing music and working on the next batch of tunes for a two part EP to be released this fall!
Ultra Love: A meticulous blend of hip-hop, rock, and baby makin' R&B serves as the anthem for this aspiring revolutionary from South Pittsburgh. UltraLove relies on soulful melody to accent his socio-politicial commentary, but not before he gets to serenade his female fans with sultry narratives of newfound lust. The 24 year-old singer/songwriter brandishes some lyrical weaponry with a style all his own. Inspired by some of musics' most celebrated entertainers like Prince, James Brown, and Michael Jackson, Ultralove discovered a passion for performing at a young age. A classically trained theater actor and vocalist, he has a knack for language and prose that he utilizes for in his melodies and song writing. Ultralove has set his sights on the social consciousness. His intentions are to encourage people, young and old, to speak out and motivate through whatever medium they are most passionate, in the hopes of one day witnessing their unique art change the lives of people for the better.
Punch. : Venice-native Sasha Haley Stern (aka Punch) is like no other musician you know. Raised in an incredibly musical family, Sasha picked up various instruments and vocal styles with ease from an extremely young age. She quickly developed into a music connoisseur, having an acute understanding and appreciation for a wide array of genres. The singer/songwriter’s personal style reflects this diverse self-education, with her voice sounding at once soulful and punk rock. Sasha’s vocal range displays resonant, dark low tones and raw, bright high tones that maintain pitch and quality throughout. These vocals are layered over her ukelele, from which Sasha has created a powerful yet wistful sound. Sasha’s emotional lyrics are stripped bare of pretension and verbosity, giving her a palpable connection with her audience. All this from a pint-sized, bespectacled, tattooed, hardcore girl who makes her presence known as soon as she walks into any room or onto any stage. Sasha Haley Stern makes music because there is nothing else that evokes her emotions so intensely. When you see her play, you feel them too.
Better Looking People With Superior Ideas: In the summer of 2010 Nick Norton and Craig Vermeyen found themselves at a crossroads of sorts. They had both recently moved to Los Angeles. They had both recently finished school. They were both starting new jobs and experiencing tumultuous times in their love lives. Being that the two had played together for many years in the band Honest Iago, they thought that all of this could only mean one thing: that it was a good time to start a new project and write songs about all the stuff that was happening. They began jamming and recording in Nick’s living room, with Craig playing drums and singing, and Nick playing an organ he had found at a garage sale that made a weird sound when you put your head near it. Songs took shape quickly during their sessions, and in 2011 they moved in together to record an album. They decided to name their new project Better Looking People With Superior Ideas, after misremembering an LCD Soundsystem lyric. The original intention had been to write a bunch of simple, accessible pop songs. Most of their friends said they wouldn’t be able to pull it off, and most of their friends were right. They did, however, manage to write a genre-bending mishmash of a debut EP in the process. Mixed by Nick Tipp and mastered by Carl Saff, the record came out on January 1, 2013.
The Velopheliacs: Dylan Wright and Sydney Everatt are two musicians working in the Los Angeles area. They both went to Musicians Institute in Hollywood, where they had met and decided to write together. The duo wrote their song "Emilea" on the first day, and that's when the band formed. Shortly after, they completed writing more songs and recorded the single "Emilea", and they will be working on completing a full length album due in 2014.
Boundary Birds: The Boundary Birds write songs thick with the experience of the human condition, but brightened by a two beer buzz and an insatiable optimism. Their new self titled EP is in uenced by artists ranging from Booker T. & the MG’s to Lucinda Williams, from The Band to Ricky Lee Jones. Their soulful new single, Try Not To Call is a slightly gritty sing along anthem with a groove that won’t quit. The long story goes that singer-songwriter DeBlois Milledge travelled home to Miami in 2005 following  ve years teaching sur ng in Costa Rica to pursue music full time. Two fan funded CDs later, (Leviathan, and Velveteen), she moved to California to work with drummer/producer Danny Campbell, bassist James East, and multi-instrumentalist Dave Curtis. They toured behind their albums, While You’re Waiting, Night Painting, and Gems, traveling with the critically acclaimed blues man Billy Thompson. During these years the band played venues from the Village Underground in New York to the Hog’s Breath Saloon in Key West. In 2012, The Boundary Birds rented a picturesque vintage cottage in Oceanside, California, draped every surface with musical instruments, oriental rugs and sound recording equipment and transformed it into Ivy Road Studio, where the band honed the tunes before recording in Los Angeles at Sonic Addict Studios. The Boundary Birds’ live show is fun and calm all at once; perfect for the just recently sophisticated audience.
Ryan Amador: Ryan Amador is a creative artist born in Los Angeles, educated in New York, and back in LA recording his second full-length album. He has released various music online.  His recent self-titled album was released last summer alongside the album's leading LGBT anthem, "Define Me". The video for "Define Me" reached over 200,000 views on YouTube due to critical support from the Huffington Post,, and other online publications. Ryan was recently awarded by ASCAP with the 2013 Robert Allen Award for songwriting.