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Sonia Rao: A closet musician for most of her life, Sonia’s music went worldwide when she was featured on NBC’s The Voice, where she received repeated praise from Cee-lo and Christina Aguilera on the purity and soulfulness of her vocals on every song. Since then she has shared the stage and sung duets with such artists as Daniel Bedingfield, Elliot Yamin, and Keaton Simons. Her music has been featured on shows such as MTV's Underemployed, Jersey Shore, and E! Network's Married to Jonas. A classically trained musician for most of her life, Sonia Rao only recently revealed her voice and story to the world. Growing up, she went to lessons – violin, piano, flute – every week. Orchestra rehearsals, band practice, guild competitions. As the daughter of Indian-American immigrants, it was assumed that she would pursue a career in medicine or law. But after graduating UC Berkeley, Sonia moved to San Francisco and began to realize that, beyond the scales and sheet music, she had stories to tell of her own. In that small apartment in North Beach, she finally found her voice. Sonia sat down at her keyboard and song after song came pouring out. These songs became her debut album ‘Calm Her’.   Sonia’s refreshingly heartfelt lyrics, charming and intimate stage presence, and multi-instrumental talent are capturing the hearts of music by song, story by story.   
Danni Rosner: The loquacious twenty-six year old chanteuse is one of a new breed of pop singer/songwriters responding to an uncertain world by looking inward. A perfectionist, Rosner exacts every ounce of truth and emotion from her life; mining the soil of her heart for anything of value and illuminating those gems into song. ”I’m drawn to unique music. Danni occupies a space that no one else inhabits, while still being pop in all the best ways.” – Danny Kalb, Producer/Engineer (Foster the People, Ben Harper, Beck, A Fine Frenzy, Rilo Kiley, Jack Johnson). Danni Rosner doesn’t just reach out to listeners through her music, she builds relationships. Like your best friend musically baring her soul, Rosner writes about the ups and downs of being a twenty-something in a complicated world. There is an unfeigned sincerity in her approach that appeals to listeners of all ages, while musically she inhabits the pop triangle that exists between Missy Higgins, Tori Amos and Regina Spektor. Rosner writes about her own experiences growing up in language that is universal and appealing. She makes you want to know more, and she’s willing to share. While Rosner laughingly acknowledges that she’s forgotten more music theory than she remembers, she was imbued with a deep love of music from an early age by her piano playing father. Rosner would make up melodies and lyrics to her dad’s playing, not knowing the songs were classics of the American Songbook or hits by artists such as The Doors, Chick Corea, The Allman Brothers or even The Beatles. These experiences taught Rosner to hear music without pre-conceptions, opening up a creative world that continues to serve her well. This intense musicality is apparent on each of Rosner’s releases, but fully bloomed on Rosner’s 2011 full length album, West. Aside from showing Rosner’s depth as a songwriter, her 2009 album PIano Actress gave voice to the song “In The City”, featured on A&E’s “Teach” starring Tony Danza in October of 2010.
Jessica Fine: Jessica Fine is a singer/songwriter from Illinois. After graduating from the University of Miami's School of Music she traveled to New York City to pursue her music career. While in NYC she released two CDs, played countless shows at legendary venues and was a part of unbelievable musical experiences. Having said all that, she also knew that she had to give music everything she could so she decided to quit her job and move down South! After a year in Atlanta playing shows with incredibly talented musicians, making new friends and enjoying time at home, Jessica moved to Los Angeles where she just finished her new EP. Her voice has been compared to Sarah Mclachlan, Sara Bareilles, and Fiona Apple. Her honest lyrics and unique voice sets her apart from other artists. Jessica's music is not only pop music at its's great music at its best.