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  • Show Type: Singer / Songwriter

Dana Greene Vocal Works 06:00 PM - 07:45 PM

Riley Beiderer 08:00 PM

Lisa Ahlstrom 09:00 PM

Professor Shoals 10:00 PM

Galen 11:00 PM

Galen : Known for his wide ranging vocal agility, Galen brings a fresh and exciting approach to today’s independent music scene. With influences ranging from R&B, Pop and Middle-Eastern, to Jazz, Gospel and Rock, Galen’s infectious vibe has quickly attracted fans of every musical persuasion. While attending Western Michigan University, Galen’s musical prowess stood out. By the time he graduated with a degree in music, Galen had already garnered an unprecedented three awards from DownBeat Magazine's
Professor Shoals: Professor Shoals is an indie/pbr&b rock band from Los Angeles, CA, comprised of Will van Boldrik (guitar/vocals), Griffin Kisner (drums/percussion/vocals), John Snow (bass/synth), and Colton Toy (keys/synth). They write a wide variety of music about expectations and excess, waking up in France, the band Justice, 30 foot holes in the ground, and relationships with various pronouns. Their show lies somewhere on a spectrum between schizophrenia and concept album, but it's good times all the way through. The EP is available through Bandcamp at, and is always available at shows. The Professor's office hours are always open and friendly, so please come on by.
Riley Biederer: Riley Biederer is a 16 year old singer/songwriter from Cumming GA and is just entering her junior year in high school. In early 2011 she recorded her first demo CD with three original songs with Matt Still, a Grammy winning producer who has worked with Elton John, Jewel, Rod Stewart, Outcast, BB King, Fat’s Domino, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Hornsby and many others. Matt Still took this CD to Elton John, who instructed his management team at Rocket Music (Elton John, Lily Allen, Ed Sheeran, and James Blunt) to sign Riley to a multi-year management agreement. In Dec 2011 Riley officially signed on with Rocket Music and is Rocket Music’s youngest signed artist. . Riley is a prodigious songwriter, having written or co-written over 200 songs in the last two years. She currently writing and producing songs in Nashville and Atlanta , working on material that will land her first record deal. In addition to exceptional writing ability and a strong voice, Riley plays both guitar and piano. She is a seasoned performer, both as a solo act and with her band. She has done over a 150 gigs in the last two years, typically playing out 1-2 times a week... Riley is in the LA market to work with top line writers and producers and this will be her first performance on the West Coast and her only performance this trip to LA.
Dana Greene Vocal Works: Dana Greene, singer, keyboardist, and LA's top vocal coach for the young voice, is excited return to the Witzend  as her students, ages 7-17, hit the stage for their Spring Concert "INSPIRIT."